About Us

Who are Country Markets? For more than 90 years a network of Country Markets has been selling homemade baked goods, preserves and home grown fruit, vegetables, plants and crafts across England, Wales and the Channel Islands, as well as participating in farmers' markets and other local markets and food fairs. Country Markets is a co-operative social enterprise with about 10,000 members of local County Societies working under the umbrella of Country Markets Ltd. There are approximately 270 Markets taking place regularly in towns and cities throughout England, Wales and the Channel Isles.

Gloucestershire Country Markets began trading in the 1930s. Along with other Markets throughout the country, it was originally part of the Women’s Institute organisation. Then, as now, Markets sold only the freshest and best locally produced, home made, home cooked, home grown and handcrafted items. In 1995 the organisation became financially independent of the W.I. and in 2004 was re-named as Country Markets Ltd.

We are a co-operative social enterprise, and all members have a non-returnable, non-profit-making share in the Industrial Provident Society. We have environmental health and trading standards home authorities who keep us informed of various policies relating to best practice and legal responsibilities. All our cooks hold a food hygiene certificate level two, and are kept up to date with these changes via our magazines.

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